The Brand

Designing from experience, creating with purpose, and obsessed with quality. We bring timeless classics to life for people who care about the details. For us, it’s quality over quantity – cliché? Maybe, but that is what you are getting.


About Bergamo 01


BERGAMO is a fashion and creative house that designs timeless, elegant, high-quality loungewear for men – with a contemporary edge.

With a unique style vocabulary, BERGAMO’s design team is dedicated to fashioning pieces that continuously embody what we like to call traditionalist subversion.

Our obsession with quality has led us down a more traditional path when excellence and craftsmanship were paramount and attention to detail was integral to the value of the garment.  

Equally, we envisioned a space where we could push the limits of creative freedom and design pieces in which men could break up with, and subvert convention, and be iconic in their own right.

BERGAMO is for the person looking to let go of the façade. It is a lifestyle and loungewear brand that empowers men to step away from extraneous pressures and arbitrary expectations, and gives them an opportunity to step into themselves, to take off their mask, and embody their truest self.

For these reasons, without exception, each of our collections are slowly and carefully designed, each material methodically chosen from the highest quality fabrics, and each stitch meticulously made to ensure the creation of sophisticated pieces, suited for his time, his world, his way.


The Beginning

Conceived out a mission to celebrate masculinity and all things men, BERGAMO began its journey with the seminal release of our Classic Robe. The goal was to design a rendition of the historic smoking jacket and resurrect the robe de chambre as an ode to leisure, luxury, and individuality.

But let’s back up.


Bergamo sketches


BERGAMO was founded in 2021 and brought to life by two people obsessed with creating men’s robes and essentials with a level of quality simply not seen.

Year after year the pair became consumed with designing the ultimate robe – one with durable, luxurious fabric, a contemporary design with a timeless effortlessness, and finishes not seen on other pieces.

The result – a redefinition of men’s lounge and leisure wear with exceptional attention to detail.

BERGAMO wants men to be comfortable in their own skin, inspired to put their best face forward, and boldly move through a world that they envision - their time, on their terms. 

We don’t chase trends; we believe in the reimaging of timeless classics through a contemporary lens of creative subversion and masterful construction.

Our pieces are sartorial investments – apparel meant to bread unapologetic confidence.  


Design & Production 

Whether time spent alone, or time with loved ones and friends, we want you to feel and look your absolute best.

When we say we source only the best fabrics, we actually mean it. 

From concept to fabric swatch, to sample and back again, we produce and reproduce our designs until they meet the discerning needs of our clientele.  

Headquartered in Canada with a design house in Monaco, we’ve established a global sensibility. Sourcing leathers from Italy, silks from India, and cottons from South America, our sustainably sourced natural fibers are hand chosen for their quality and ultimate comfort. 

We are hands on – literally – at every stage, carefully procuring the best fabrics, overseeing every stitch, and scrutinizing each detail and finish until we are certain we have created distinguished pieces that enhance the time that’s most important to you.